My Name Is Hannah Day. I Am 32 Years Old And After Nearly A Decade Of Health Problems, I Turned My Life Around. Using A Workout Series & Meticore Dietary Supplement That Change My Life.
My Results? I Lost 232LBS To 117 Pounds In Less Than A Year And Went From A Size 22 To A Size 2.

Lastly, I had to reframe this entire experience as a lifestyle change. and not just as losing weight. Because the truth is, losing weight helped me in so many other categories beyond the physical. It changed my entire life.

A mother-of-two is proudly showing off her incredible transformation after shedding 117 pounds and going from a size 22 to a slender size 2 in just 11 months.


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One Of My Big Victorie Is I Selected BEACHBODY CHALLENGE


My Biggest Victory Is I Successfully Won BEACH BODY CHALLENGE


One Of My Big Victorie Is Beachbody victorie

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